Students of this course are taken through fundamental concepts of thermal science and metallurgical engineering, towards cutting edge technologies like computational fluid mechanics, computer aided manufacturing, CAD lab, metrology, statistical techniques in modern manufacturing, finite elements of the analysis, industrial heat transfer etc.

After undergoing the common courses in the first two semester, the students undergo courses in Numerical Analysis and Programming, Electronics, Thermal Science, Mechanics of Solids, Mechanics of Fluids, Foundry Technology and theoretical induction courses in Kinematics and Dynamic of machines, Heat Transfer and IC Engines. Electrical machines, Operations research, manufacturing, computer graphics and multimedia in semester 3and 4. All these courses are supplemented by lab work and practical experimentation.

In semester 5 and 6, the students are trained in latest subjects like LAN and Networking, Machine Designing, Press Working, Data Base Management Systems, Microprocessors, Fluid Systems, Metal Cutting etc. Fracture Mechanics, Precision Engineering, Turbo Machinery, Advanced Management Types etc. (Supplemented by appropriate practical and laboratory work)

In semester 7 and 8,  the subjects covered are the most modern and advanced, involving metrology, computer aided manufacturing, Mechatronics, Quality control and Quality Assurance covering statistical techniques, ISO-9000 standards, Advanced methods of manufacturing including nontraditional machining methods like EDM and ECM.

As an elective subject and to cover advanced techniques, the students are given courses in computer aided design, automotive engineering, selected specialized topics in management etc, supplemented by appropriate practical work in the laboratories.


  • Mechanical Engineering Lab
  • Thermal Lab
  • Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulic Machines Lab
  • Heat Engines Lab