This is an advanced branch of engineering in which students are trained to handle any situation associated with instrumentation and is widely developing to involve day to day life activities. This branch offers a wide range of job opportunities.

After providing a strong foundation in applied science, Mathematics and Basic Engineering disciplines in the first and second semesters, the students enter the world of Electronics as well as instrumentation. They are trained in programming techniques, operating systems software tools like ORCAD, PSPICE, and MATLAB etc.

From 5th semester onwards, the students concentrate on instrumentation subjects. They get a thorough Knowledge in industrial and biomedical instrumentation and a good idea of control systems, a widely discussed subjects in research and development wings, through computer control of process, process control instrumentation etc.

All advanced software facilities like MATLAB, SIMLINK, Image Pro Express, Code composer Studio, KEIL, Multisim, emulators and simulators for TMS and Analog DSP ICs etc  are available to the students for their technical endeavors at the DSP Lab.

The microprocessor lab is equipped with processors, hardware kit, evaluation boards, and all latest microcontroller chips with RTOS facilities for testes and experiments in the field of embedded systems.

The analog communication laboratory has mixed with signal oscilloscope, Logic analyzer, Storage oscilloscope, LCR-Q meters and signal sources and analog and digital measuring instruments for a range of electrical parameters.

The advanced Biomedical laboratory has facilities such as embedded patient monitoring system, Image processing work station, Respiratory analyzer and Nerve Simulator.

The process control laboratory has work stations for temperature, Pressure, Flow and other control parameters. These laboratories help the students to learn about PLCs and PLC Programming.