The students of this discipline learn to face and win any situation they come across in the area of Computer Science and Engineering. After proving sound foundation of basic math’s, science and computer fundamentals in the first year, the students of this stream are trained for procedural programming concepts using C language and computer Organization in the second year. Then they are made to study object oriented concepts which is implemented with the help of C++. Courses like Data Structures and Algorithms, Operating Systems and Computer Hardware Design are the other subjects in the second year. The students are also trained on hardware aspects of computer science with the help of courses like digital Circuit Design and Digital System Design.

Data Base Management, Compiler Design, advanced topics in Microprocessors, Computer Graphics and Multimedia are taught in the third year with laboratory exercise to provide the case concepts of efficient data handling and design of algorithms. System programming, computer communication, software projects management and Theory of Computation are also taught in the second year.

Advanced Courses like Mobile Computing, Software Engineering, Knowledge Based Analysis and Design in familiar systems. The students are also given sufficient courses related to communication systems and circuits with special emphasis on computer networks. Cryptography, Artificial Intelligence, Distributed Computing, Pattern Recognition, Wireless Networks, Computer Architecture, Neural Networks etc are also covered in the final semesters.

Current developments in computer science and future trends are discussed in regular seminars in which resource persons are invited from premier institutions, industries and research centers.

The laboratory session include Programming in C, Data Structures, Data Base, System Software. Microprocessors, A;gorithm Analysis and Design, Operating System Software and Network Lab, Project work etc.


  • Programming Lab (C)
  • Data Structure Lab
  • Object Oriented Programming lab (C++)
  • Application Software Development Lab
  • Microprocessor Lab
  • System Software Lab
  • Computer Hardware and Interfacing Lab
  • Algorithm Design and Graphics Lab
  • Operating systems and Networking Lab